Сожалею. По вашему запросу не найдено ни одного активного номера детали или идентификатора конфигурации Crucial.

Payment options

We offer a variety of payment options ranging from traditional credit card orders to PayPal, wire transfers and prepayments.

Credit card payments

Crucial accepts VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. All credit card transactions are completed over secure connections and are safe and worry-free.

When will my credit card be charged for an order?
Crucial does not charge your credit card until your order ships.

International credit restrictions
Crucial cannot process orders on credit card terms for shipment to certain countries. Click here to see if your country requires prepayment by wire transfer.

Paying with PayPal

The safer, easier way to pay.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure a timely delivery, your PayPal account and shipping address must be verified and confirmed with PayPal. More information

Net 30 credit application

Net 30 terms are only available to qualified business, resale, and gov/ed customers. To learn more, create an account and then contact a sales rep for Net 30 details. If you already have an account, just contact a sales rep for more information.

Purchase orders require the following information:

  1. Billing address
  2. Shipping address
  3. Vendor (Micron Consumer Products Group) information
  4. Purchase order number
  5. Total dollar amount of the order, including freight and sales tax, if applicable
  6. Payment terms (Net 30 or per contractual agreement)
  7. Shipping terms ("FCA Origin" unless otherwise contractually agreed upon)
  8. First and last name of the buyer
  9. Buyer's email address
  10. Buyer's phone number
  11. Authorizing signature
  12. Crucial Part #

Alternative payment methods

Wire Transfer Instructions
Note: Wire transfer payments are only available to business, resale, and gov/ed customers.

Orders prepaid by wire transfer will be shipped as soon as the payment is received. Your order will be canceled if we do not receive your payment within 10 business days.

In choosing wire transfer as your payment method, your bank will charge you a fee to process your wire. Please add this amount to the cost of your memory order. Not calculating this cost could delay or possibly cancel your order.

Please include your order number with your payment and wire it to:

Micron Consumer Products Group
US Bank N.A.
ABA Number: 123000220
Account Number: 153607072029

Note: Crucial requires certain countries to submit payment for their order via wire transfer. If you reside in or are reselling Crucial memory in one of the countries listed here, please prepay for your order by wire transfer.

Tax information